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DSL vs. Cable Modem

Broadband or Dial up connection? DSL, Cable or Satellite? So many options and so little information. Here is some more information to help you along the way.

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Finding the right kind of Internet service is quite a task. I have been trying to hook up my laptop with an internet service for quite a while and lets just say its going no where. Some people say get a Wi-Fi connection, some talk up Bluetooth GPRS and yet others swear by broadband. So many choices and I really do not know what to do. I’m sure thousands of people have the same problem.

Now the kind of Internet connection or service you get depends on the kind of usage you have. If you are the sort who uses the Internet for checking mail, then you can stick to the dial up service your already have. But if you are using it for downloading and are a heavy user of the Internet, then you probably need a broadband connection.

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Do you recollect those days when you had an Internet dial up connection, which took hours to connect only to land you with a lethargically slow speed? Now you can happily wave good-bye to those days. No more terrifying telephone bills, no more missing calls on the landline and no more slow speed Internet. It is the time for broadband Internet connections. Most web pages load faster while using a broadband connection than using a dial up connection. Now that broadband Internet has caught most people’s interest, the time comes for deciding which kind: DSL or Cable modem Internet. No one can give you a sure shot answer to which broadband is better, Cable modem or DSL modem. It is a personal choice based on a lot of factors. But remember this, irrespective of what you choose; DSL or Cable, broadband Internet is going to change your life forever, and there is nothing better than fast speed Internet.

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Here are some tips to help you choose between DSL modem and Cable modem:

  • You need to know if these particular types of connections are available in the area you are living. Cable modems use the cable connection where as DSL uses an existing telephone line. In some area, especially rural ones, there are no telephone lines.
  • Find out what kind of speed you are getting with each kind of connection. Cable modem Internet service is faster but this depends on the number of people who have subscribed for it in that area and how many are using it at that time. The speed can and will fluctuate. DSL doesn’t have any such problem. Each DSL modem user gets their own line. So that improves the connection and speed of the Internet.
  • Consider the quality of service before getting any kind of broadband connection. DSL modem connection quality depends on the distance between you and the remote terminal. The closer you are the better service you will get and the further you are the quality will decrease. And where the cable modem quality is concerned, it depends on the number of users actively using the service. If there are too many users in one area, the quality is going to be poor.
  • Take into consideration of the price of each service. Prices aren’t going to vary too much because of competition in the market but DSL is a little more expensive than Cable modem broadband.
  • Check the customer service of the company whether cable or DSL. Only if the customer service is satisfactory should you choose a company whether DSL or cable.
  • And last but not the least, check the data security features of each.

Hopefully all this information will help you make an informed decision about Internet service and broadband connections. It helped me, and hopefully will help you too.

By Khushnuma Irani

Cable vs. Dsl Modems

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